Terms and Policies

In-Person Class COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines

If you choose to register for an in-person class, you agree to adhere to specific health and safety measures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Due to the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), South Florida Music is doing everything possible to protect you, your family, our staff, and community. To this extent, South Florida Music will be following the Center of Disease-Control (CDC) with regard to social distancing practices and sanitation. We ask that our families disclose their health history and continue to implement these sanitation and disinfection procedures. 

Symptoms of COVID-19 include:

  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Head/Body Aches
  • Dry Cough
  • Difficulty Breathing 
  • New Loss of Taste or Smell

For the safety of all families, we ask that if you, your child, or any family member are experiencing any of these symptoms, please do not attend your in-person class.

The following South Florida Music safety protocols will be incorporated into all in-person classes: 

  • Temperature checks will be taken of all children and parents upon entry. If the temperature reading is 100.4 or higher, entry will not be allowed as per the site guidelines.
  • Hand sanitizer will be dispersed upon entry and exit of the classroom.
  • The maximum class enrollment will be 9 children and parents with all needed materials located within their designated area to ensure social distancing.
  • All class instruments will be individually packaged and labeled by name. Disinfectant wipes will be available to sanitize any items at the conclusion of class before safely storing them for the next week's class. New instrument sets for at home and in-class use are available for purchase. Please contact our office for more information.

All families will adhere to the following guidelines when registering for an in-person South Florida Music class:

  • Only one parent/guardian may attend class with each enrolled child.
  • No siblings may attend unless they too are enrolled in the class. Each child must have his or her own adult present to assist with musical activities and maintaining social distancing throughout the class.
  • All children (ages 2 and up) and adults must wear a cloth or surgical mask, properly fitted and secured with ear loops, during the duration of the class.
  • Families will be required to sign a weekly waiver upon entry disclosing any symptoms or exposure to COVID-19 and/or travel, supporting the highest level of safety for all families, staff, and the facility. 
  • Additional toys, snacks, or sippy cups will not be allowed into the classroom.    
  • As per our site rental agreement, South Florida Music families are limited to access of the music classroom and designated bathroom facilities. Please remain in your car until 10-minutes prior to the scheduled class time and return to your car immediately afterwards. No use of other site facilities, including playgrounds, will be allowed.
  • If you, your child, or a member of your family is experiencing illness of any sort, please do not attend class. 
  • Due to the limited in-person class size, live make-up sessions for any missed session will not be available. However, a recording of a similarly-aged class for home enjoyment will be provided upon request to the office. 

Please be advised that if national, state, local, or facility guidelines require the temporary or permanent closure of in-person classes, South Florida Music will transition to virtual learning. If a virtual format becomes necessary, NO REFUNDS WILL BE GRANTED. In the event that a class member does test positive for COVID-19, that class section will transition to virtual learning for two weeks before returning to in-person classes. The individual with a positive test result must provide evidence of a negative test before returning. 

If you or your family are unable or prefer not to follow the above guidelines, please consider enrolling in a virtual class instead. Should you have any questions or concerns, contact our office prior to registration.

Classroom Guidelines

  1. A parent, grandparent, or other adult caregiver must attend with the registered child and be present for the entire class, whether in person or online.
  2. Engaging with your child is a high priority in our classes! Please come dressed in comfortable clothes, ready to sit on the floor, and participate in a time of music-making and learning.
  3. Auditory stimulation is one key developmental area reinforced in our classes. Therefore, decreasing cell phone usage, side conversations with parents, and other distractions will increase your child’s potential.
  4. Our classes are designed to provide developmentally, age-appropriate activities for each class level. Engaging with your child is key to maintaining a productive learning environment! While siblings are not allowed at in-person classes due to our COVID-19 protocols, we understand that they may at times be in the same virtual learning space at home. Please encourage them to participate appropriately, or re-direct them to another activity until your enrolled child's virtual music class has concluded.
  5. We understand that children will not always be engaged in each activity as intended, especially at our youngest levels! If you have concerns about your child’s participation, please know your that teacher is always available for assistance. A simple conversation can aid us in unlocking your child’s potential through music!


Please contact info@southfloridamusic.org with any questions or concerns.

Refund Policy: Refunds must be requested in writing and submitted by email to info@southfloridamusic.org. Upon receipt, refunds will be granted on the following schedule:

  • Prior to the third class of the semester:  Refund of classes that have not yet occurred minus the cost of take home materials and processing fee.
  • After the third class of the Spring 2021 semester (February 13):  No refunds will be granted. A credit for the remaining classes in the semester (minus the take home materials and processing fee) may be granted for future semesters of South Florida Music (SFM). A credit may only be granted for the weeks following communication with the SFM office. Credits will not be granted during the final three weeks of any SFM semester.

Make Up Policy: Make up classes for full-semester enrollments will be offered in the form of a curricular-level appropriate recording. Please note that no make ups are available for mini-sessions.

Section Change Policy: If you need to change sections within a level, please contact our office for assistance. A $15 section change fee will be charged if it is after the third week of our semester. Section changes are only allowed if space is available.

Class Cancellation Policy: South Florida Music, LLC reserves the right to cancel any class section due to insufficient enrollment or circumstances beyond our control.

Liability Release: I understand that South Florida Music, LLC will make every effort to provide a safe learning environment for scheduled classes and official events. I do hereby release South Florida Music, LLC, as well as any sites in contract with them, from liability due to accidents or injury that may occur while on the premises. I understand that the adult attending each class or event with the registered child is ultimately responsible for his or her health and safety.