Terms and Policies

Classroom Guidelines

  1. A parent, grandparent, or other adult caregiver must attend with the registered child and be present for the entire class.
  2. Engaging with your child is a high priority in our classes! Please come dressed in comfortable clothes, ready to sit on the floor, and participate in a time of music-making and learning.
  3. Auditory stimulation is one key developmental area reinforced in our classes. Therefore, decreasing cell phone usage, side conversations with parents, and other distractions will increase your child’s potential.
  4. Our classes are designed to be provide developmentally, age-appropriate for each class level. While we understand that families may have childcare emergencies that require a sibling to accompany the registered child to class, it is important to maintain a productive learning environment for all families enrolled. If you find yourself in this situation, please bring an independent activity for the sibling to occupy themselves during the class so that you are able to enjoy an optimal level of engagement with your enrolled child.
  5. If you have a sibling who differs in age from the class level, who must attend class with the registered child on a regular basis, and will be participating in any of the classroom activities, you will be asked to pay a sibling fee.
  6. We understand that children will not always be engaged in each activity as intended, especially at our youngest levels! If you have concerns about your child’s participation, please know your that teacher is always available for assistance! A simple conversation can aid us in unlocking your child’s potential through music!


Please contact info@southfloridamusic.org with any questions or concerns.

Refund Policy: Refunds must be requested in writing (email to info@southfloridamusic.org) and will be granted on the following schedule:

  • Prior to the first class: Full refund minus a $10 processing fee.
  • After one to three classes (shortened summer semester, one to two classes only): Refund of classes that have not yet occurred minus the cost of take home materials and the processing fee.
  • After the third class (shortened summer semester, second class): No refunds will be granted. A credit for the remaining classes in the semester (minus take home materials and the processing fee) may be granted for future semesters of South Florida Music. A credit may only be granted for the weeks following communication with the SFM office. Credits will not be granted during the final three weeks of the semester.

Make Up Policy: Registered children may make up a total of 4 classes during the fall/spring session (2 classes during the shortened summer semester) by attending any other section of the same level during the semester of enrollment. We do not encourage makeups during the first or last week of the semester. Make up credits do not transfer between semesters. Please speak to us if you know you will have an absence later in the semester so that we can explore your options!

Section Change Policy: If you need to change sections within a level, please contact our office at (305) 930-2755 or info@southfloridamusic.org. A $15 section change fee will be charged if it is after the third week of our semester (shortened summer session, after the second week). We only allow changes to sections with space still available.

Illness Policy: We wish to keep all of our families healthy and happy. If your child is running a fever, coughing, or has a runny nose, please keep them home from class. We encourage you to utilize our make up policy for a situation such as this.

Class Cancellation Policy: South Florida Music, LLC reserves the right to cancel any class section due to insufficient enrollment or circumstances beyond our control.

Liability Release: I understand that South Florida Music, LLC will make every effort to provide a safe learning environment for scheduled classes and official events. I do hereby release South Florida Music, LLC, as well as any sites in contract with them, from liability due to accidents or injury that may occur while on the premises. I understand that the adult attending each class or event with the registered child is ultimately responsible for his or her health and safety.