Celebrating the 2019 SFM Disney Performance Group



“My favorite part of this journey was watching my son gain confidence in his ability to achieve what he thought was impossible. He also was able to part of a group, a team, and I enjoyed not only watching him become part of a team but all 27 students become one beautiful harmony.”

–Angie P., mother of Renzo



Musical dreams came true for a group of 7 and 8 year olds when they took center stage at Disney Springs on January 4, 2019.  For the third consecutive year, South Florida Music’s Performance Group was selected to perform at “the Happiest Place on Earth” – making them among the youngest musicians invited to perform by Walt Disney World.  

After many weeks of two-hour rehearsals (in addition to their usual weekly, group piano classes), these young musicians represented South Florida at the Waterside Stage on Friday, January 4, 2019.  Led by Directors Dr. Joy Galliford, Mrs. Alaina Lorenzo, and Mrs. Karen Flanary, the group performed an energetic repertoire comprised of both Disney and classic compositions, song and dance.

The 27 budding musicians are all part of South Florida Music’s piano year 2 program.  Most began their musical journeys as young babies or toddlers in our early childhood music classes. For more photos and videos, please visit our Facebook and YouTube pages!

To the performers–We are so proud of your accomplishments! BRAVO on an incredible performance!

To the families–Thank you for going on this journey with us! Your support and dedication makes this annual performance possible.

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