On this page, you can find the full schedule of offerings for our Summer Semester. For descriptions of each level, please visit our Classes page. 
Looking for our spring make up schedule, for classes ending May 18th? Click here!

Summer Semester (5-6 Weeks)

Wednesdays: June 12 - July 17

Thursdays: June 20 - July 25 (No Class July 4)

Fridays: June 14 - July 19

Saturdays: June 15 - July 20

LevelDayTimeLocationPriceTeacherCall to Action
Music for BabiesWednesdays11:15-11:45amCrossbridge Church Key Biscayne105JoyRegister Now!
Music for BabiesThursdays11:30am-12:00pmRedeemer Church81JoyRegister Now!
Music for BabiesFridays3:00-3:30pmChrist the King95KarenRegister Now!
Music for BabiesSaturdays10:30-11:00amTemple Beth Am95JennyRegister Now!
Music for BabiesSaturdays11:15-11:45amRedeemer Church95JoyRegister Now!
Music for BabiesSaturdays12:30-1:00pmCentral Presbyterian Church95LafaeRegister Now!
Music for ToddlersWednesdays10:30-11:05amCrossbridge Church Key Biscayne110JoyRegister Now!
Music for ToddlersThursdays10:00-10:35amRedeemer Church85JoyRegister Now!
Music for ToddlersFridays3:30-4:05pmRedeemer Church100JoyRegister Now!
Music for ToddlersSaturdays9:45-10:20amTemple Beth Am100JennyRegister Now!
Music for ToddlersSaturdays10:30-11:05amRedeemer Church100SuzanneRegister Now!
Bilingual Music for ToddlersSaturdays10:30-11:05amCentral Presbyterian Church100LafaeRegister Now!
Bilingual Music for ToddlersSaturdays11:15-11:50amRedeemer Church100SuzanneRegister Now!
Music for Mixed Ages (2 & 3 year olds)Wednesdays9:45-10:20amCrossbridge Church Key Biscayne110JoyRegister Now!
Music for Mixed Ages (2 & 3 year olds)Thursdays10:45-11:20amRedeemer Church85JoyRegister Now!
Music for Mixed Ages (2 & 3 year olds)Fridays3:45-4:20pmChrist the King100KarenRegister Now!
Musical Cycle of SeasonsWednesdays4:15-5:00pmCrossbridge Church Key Biscayne120JoyRegister Now!
Musical Cycle of SeasonsSaturdays9:30-10:15amCentral Presbyterian Church110LafaeRegister Now!
Musical Cycle of SeasonsSaturdays10:15-11:00amRedeemer Church110JoyRegister Now!
Musical Cycle of SeasonsSaturdays11:30am-12:15pmTemple Beth Am110KarenRegister Now!
Music for Special Learners (4 & 5 year olds)Saturdays11:15am-12:00pmTemple Beth Am130JennyRegister Now!
Music Makers at HomeFridays4:15-5:15pmRedeemer Church165JoyRegister Now!
Music Makers at HomeSaturdays10:15-11:15amTemple Beth Am165KarenRegister Now!
Music Makers at HomeSaturdays11:15am-12:15pmCentral Presbyterian Church165LafaeRegister Now!
Music Makers at HomeSaturdays12:00-1:00pmRedeemer Church165SuzanneRegister Now!
Music Makers at the SeashoreWednesdays3:00-4:00pmCrossbridge Church Key Biscayne175JoyRegister Now!
Music Makers at the SeashoreSaturdays9:15-10:15amRedeemer Church165SuzanneRegister Now!
Music Makers at the SeashoreSaturdays12:00-1:00pmRedeemer Church165JoyContact for Waitlist
Music Makers at the SeashoreSaturdays12:30-1:30pmTemple Beth Am165KarenRegister Now!
Introduction to PianoFridays4:30-5:30pmChrist the King210KarenRegister Now!
Introduction to PianoSaturdays9:00-10:00amTemple Beth Am210KarenContact for Waitlist
Introduction to PianoSaturdays1:15-2:15pmRedeemer Church210JoyContact for Waitlist
Introduction to PianoSaturdays3:00-4:00pmTemple Beth Am210KarenRegister Now!
Music at the Piano Year 2Wednesdays5:15-6:15pmCrossbridge Church Key Biscayne155JoyRegister Now!
Music at the Piano Year 2Fridays5:30-6:30pmRedeemer Church145JoyRegister Now!
Music at the Piano Year 2Saturdays9:00-10:00amRedeemer Church145JoyContact for Waitlist
Music at the Piano Year 2Saturdays1:45-2:45pmTemple Beth Am145KarenRegister Now!
Music at the Piano Year 3Wednesdays6:30-7:30pmCrossbridge Church Key Biscayne180JoyRegister Now!
Music at the Piano Year 3Fridays5:45-6:45pmChrist the King170KarenRegister Now!
Music at the Piano Year 3Saturdays2:30-3:30pmRedeemer Church170JoyContact for Waitlist