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What make us different

South Florida Music uses the internationally renowned Musikgarten curriculum, specially designed to provide age appropriate musical and developmental activities. All teachers are individually certified and have trained under master teachers in the field of early childhood music education. Their knowledge and experience base will ensure that you and your child have the highest quality educational experience, while enjoying time together in a stress free, playful environment. Our classes are limited to 12 students per section (10 in our keyboard classes) to maintain an excellent student to teacher ratio. Throughout all levels of our program, a parent or caregiver attends class with the child, making South Florida Music truly a family endeavor.

Classes for every age group

Music for Babies

· Birth to 12 months
Play musically with your baby in a non-competitive, non-stressful environment through bouncing and rocking songs, wiggle and peek-a-boo games, dancing, moving, and singing. Music play activities are designed to increase your child’s curiosity about music, to develop listening skills, a sense of beat, and to establish a foundation for singing and musical thought.

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Bilingual Music for Toddlers

· From 12 months until the 3rd birthday
Participate and build a strong musical bond with your toddler through singing, chanting, moving, dancing, listening, and playing simple instruments. A mix of stationary and mobile activities will occur, making this level the best choice for children once they begin to walk independently. These activities bridge the natural connection between music and movement, while your child’s musical aptitude, listening abilities, and overall potential are enhanced and further developed.

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