Music for Special Learners (4 and 5 Year Olds)


This class, taught by music therapists, is designed for special learners. In this small class environment, we focus on abilities and using music as a vehicle for growth and development.

Ages: 4 & 5 year olds

Class Length: 45 minutes, once a week

Duration: 6 Weeks

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Description: The Music for Special Learners class, taught by music therapists, will focus on abilities and use music as the vehicle for growth and development.  In this small group setting, children will reach their potential through singing, dancing, instrument playing, and imitation while stimulating gross and fine motor, communication, social, emotional, self-help, and cognitive skills. Music will act as a mediator as you and your child bond during this shared experience!

Musical Goals: Develop ensemble skills; Encourage meaningful movement that includes moving to sequences with a steady beat; Use vocalization to form rhythmic and tonal patterns; Increase music perception; Promote melodic imitation; Build a bank of familiar songs for vocal and instrumental performance; Differentiate musical and environmental sounds; Differentiate the families of instruments; Establish home practice skills

Developmental Goals: Develop gross and fine motor skills; Build cognitive connections, Develop and promote communications skills; Encourage social awareness and interaction; Promote self-regulation and emotional awareness