Music Makers at Home (4 Year Olds)

Age: 4 year olds

Class Length: 1 hour, once a week for 5 weeks

Take Home Materials (Included in Advertised Price): Folder containing songs, activities, parent guide; CD/Digital Download of Course Music; access to the digital Music Makers at Home Resource Page.

Optional Materials: In-Person families will have a designated, sanitized instrument kit stored throughout the week for their own use. If you prefer your own NEW Instrument Kit for home or class use (containing 2 pairs of scarves, 2 pairs of egg shakers, 2 pairs of jingles, and 2 pairs of sticks), they are available here for $35.00.

Note: If a child is entering a Makers class for the first time, a one-time purchase of a glockenspiel instrument for an additional $40 is required. This glockenspiel (brought to class each week) will be used in subsequent semesters and is therefore not built into the advertised price. Registering in this level will automatically add the glockenspiel to your cart; please remove it prior to check out if you already have a glockenspiel from a previous semester!

Class Option:

By registering for an in-person class, you agree to adhere to specific health and safety measures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please visit our Terms and Policies page to review these guidelines, which you will also accept upon registration.

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Description: Your child is now ready for the first of this sequential two-year music program, ideally designed to begin in summer or fall. Music Makers: At Home includes singing, creative and structured movement, playing instruments and ensemble work, ear training and guided listening, as well as a developmentally sound approach to music literacy that builds symbolic thinking, concentration, memory, and self-expression. During this first year, children will have the opportunity to play their first melodic instrument, the glockenspiel. They will also begin to read and write simple musical patterns and recognize them in songs while exploring the theme of home environments. The parent or caregiver continues an active role, be it on Zoom or in-person, as well as in the home environment. Weekly participation and practice is important for success.

Musical Goals: Play a melodic instrument (glockenspiel); Develop ensemble skills; Read and write rhythmic and tonal patterns; Demonstrate and move in sequences to a steady beat; Build a bank of familiar songs for vocal and instrumental performance; Differentiate musical and environmental sounds; Differentiate the families of instruments; Build home practice skills

Developmental Goals: Increase gross and fine motor skills; Advance cognitive and language development; Demonstrate symbolic thinking; Set and accomplish goals through practice; Strengthen body awareness and self-regulation; Build on social, emotional, and self-help skills