Music at the Piano Year 2 Guild Prep (7-8 Year Olds)


Age: 7-8 years of age

Class Length: 1 hour, once a week

Duration: 3 weeks

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Description: Music At the Piano Year 2 Guild Prep is designed as a three week review to prepare children participating in the National Guild of Piano Teachers Annual Exam. No new material will be introduced.

Musical Goals: Play a melodic instrument (piano); Further ensemble skills; Read, write and sing advanced musical notation; Demonstrate a steady beat through the playing of melodies and harmonies individually and in an ensemble; Develop concepts of form, dynamics, tempi, articulation and timbre; Develop the ability to memorize mastered songs and perform them individually and/or in a group performance; Demonstrate the ability to transpose melodies learned to other musical positions; Further develop home practice skills

Developmental Goals: Increase bilateral gross and fine motor skills; Advance cognitive and language development; Demonstrate symbolic thinking; Set and accomplish goals through practice; Strengthen body awareness and self-regulation; Build on social, emotional, and self-help skills