Dancing and Drumming for Adults


Class Length: One hour, once a week

Duration: 6 Weeks

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Description: Celebrate your love of music with this high-energy class. All attendees will participate in group movement and dancing, exploration of rhythmic themes, and use of a variety of hand drums and percussion instruments. Strengthen neural pathways and engage your whole being while building community through the shared experience of dancing and drumming.

Musical Goals: Demonstrate and move in sequences to a steady beat, Apply musical language to rhythm and tonal patterns; Advance listening skills and aural recognition; Play age appropriate instruments

Developmental Goals:  Promote mental and physical well-being; Develop gross and fine motor; Advance cognitive and language development; Strengthen speech and communication; Develop language connections and aural skills; Exhibit independence; Participate in creative/imaginative play; Exhibit body awareness and self-regulation; Strengthen social, emotional, and self-help skills