Bilingual Music for Toddlers (Under Age 3)


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Mini-Session 3: 5 weeks (beginning the week of November 7 and ending December 12, no classes Thanksgiving week)

Ages: Under the age of 3. Most sections are appropriate for children who are walking.

Class Length: 30 minutes, once a week LIVE on Zoom


As an added bonus, children enrolled in the Bilingual Music for Toddlers class will have access to a video playlist of musical activities. These activities can be enjoyed as many times as you wish during your time of enrollment.

South Florida Music is currently accepting registrations for Mini-Session 3, beginning November 7. If you are interested in starting prior to this date, please contact our office. Due to the the digital nature of these classes, no refunds nor credits will be available for Mini Session enrollments.

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Description: Participate and build a strong musical bond with your toddler through singing, chanting, moving, dancing, listening, and playing simple instruments. With our home in South Florida, this unique curriculum allows toddlers to explore developmentally appropriate activities in a bilingual (English and Spanish) setting. Instruction, songs, and activities will be offered in both languages. A mix of stationary and mobile activities will occur, making this level the best choice for children once they begin to walk independently. These activities bridge the natural connection between music and movement, while your child’s musical aptitude, listening abilities, and overall potential are enhanced and further developed. The course music contains songs in English and Spanish and was designed to exhibit the Latin influence in our community. This is the perfect choice for families who are bilingual at home, or who wish their children to learn both languages simultaneously. This class utilizes the curriculum Tu y Yo Bailas, written and produced by Joy Galliford, Alaina Lorenzo, and Bill Galliford.

Musical Goals: Feel and demonstrate steady beat; Encourage singing; Introduction to rhythm and tonal patterns; Begin to recognize musical form; Play a variety of age appropriate instruments; Form a bank of familiar songs in English and Spanish

Developmental Goals: Develop gross and fine motor skills; Build cognitive connections; Develop language connections and aural skills in English and Spanish; Exhibit body awareness and self-regulation; Strengthen social, emotional, and self-help skills


Descripción:  Participe y cree un fuerte vínculo musical con su niño(a) a través del canto, movimiento, baile, el escuchar juntos y tocar instumentos simples.  Establecidos en el Sur de la Florida, éste currículo único, le permite a los niños(as) explorar actividades apropiadas a su desarrollo en un ambiente bilingüe (Inglés y Español). La enseñanza, canciones y actividades se ofrecerán en ambos idiomas.  Una combinación de actividades estacionarias y móviles tomarán lugar, haciendo que éste nivel sea la mejor opción para niños(as) que comienzan a caminar independientemente. Estas actividades establecen un puente de conexión natural entre la música y el movimiento, mientras que las aptitudes musicales de su niño, habilidades auditivas y su potencial en general, aumenta y continúa desarrollándose.  La música del curso incluye canciones en Inglés y Español y ha sido diseñada para exhibir la influencia Latina en nuestra comunidad. Éste curso es la opción ideal para familias bilingües o que desean que sus niños aprendan ambos idiomas simultaneamente. Esta clase utiliza el plan de estudios Tu y Yo Bailas, escrito y producido por Joy Galliford, Alaina Lorenzo y Bill Galliford.

Metas Musicales:  Sentir y demostrar un ritmo constante;  Fomentar el cantar; Introduccion al ritmo y patrones tonales; Comenzar a reconocer formatos musicales; Tocar variedad de instrumentos apropiados a su edad; Formar un grupo de canciones conocidas en Inglés y Español.

Metas de desarrollo:  Desarrollo  de las destrezas motoras finas y gruesas; Crear conexiones cognitivas; Desarrollar conexiones en el lenguaje y aptitudes auditivas en Inglés y Español; Mostrar conciencia de su cuerpo y autocontrol;  Fortalecer sus destrezas sociales, emocionales y de auto-ayuda.