Celebrating the 2nd Annual South Florida Music Benefit Concert

On Sunday afternoon, April 22nd, we celebrated another wonderful year at the 2nd Annual South Florida Music Benefit Concert, hosted by Friends of South Florida Music! More than 1200 individuals attended two shows and enjoyed performances from our enrolled students, from the youngest babies to our accomplished piano students. To all of the performers, BRAVO! You sang, danced, and played your hearts out and we could not be more proud. To each parent, grandparent, caregiver, and supporter your heartfelt applause and generous support is an inspiration. If you were unable to join us at the concert, consider visiting our Facebook and YouTube pages. We will be adding photos and videos from the event over the coming weeks.

Along with showcasing the hard work and dedication of each of our students, the 2nd Annual South Florida Music Benefit Concert raised needed funds for sponsored scholarships through Friends of South Florida Music. These scholarships will allow more deserving children access to the high quality music education we provide during the upcoming year.

Prior to each concert, some of our Friends and alumni provided music in the lobby in support of their friend, Annie, who has been diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Thanks to your generosity, more than $1,300 will be donated to her family’s GoFundMe account to assist with her medical expenses. For more information, or to make a donation, please visit https://www.gofundme.com/getwellannabella.


South Florida Music would like to thank Kay Domond Photography for donating her time and talents to help us preserve the memories from this event. In the coming weeks, her images from the event will be available to view and purchase. Enrolled families will receive the password to view the gallery via email when the photos are ready. All proceeds from sale of the digital downloads will further support the work of Friends of South Florida Music. In the meantime, please check out Kay’s work on her Instagram.

Keep the beat going! Registration for our May Mini Session and Summer Semester are now open. For the full list of offerings, visit our Schedule page. We look forward to a summer of music and learning with you and your family!



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